Heritage Poultry Meats



Thank you for choosing Yellow House Farm! 

At Yellow House Farm we use only traditional farm breeds some of which have graced tables for hundreds, and even thousands, of years.  On account of modern industrial “farming” practices, which neglect these heritage breeds entirely, many of our most ancient breeds are now on the brink of extinction.  With local ventures, like Yellow House Farm, whose small-scale, traditional farming practices give these breeds the much needed attention they deserve, and customers like you, who are strongly committed to flavor-rich food steeped in heritage, we will be able to preserve these breeds for countless generations to come.  Thank you for being part of that process!


Because we rely on old-fashioned breeds, we are constrained to a natural rhythm of harvest.  The following schedule will give you a ballpark idea of what to expect throughout the year. 

In general, the culling of stewing fowl, i.e. unproductive layers, begins in the summer and runs into the fall. 

Our Italian and French fryer chickens are available from late-July through Spetember.

Muscovy roasters, on account of their long breeding season, tend to be available as early as late August and early September through a steady harvest in the autumn.

Dorking roasters, some of the most ancient and highest quality chicken available for your kitchen, are available throughout the fall.  We will also have a limited number of Houdan roasters.

Narragansett turkey, raised at our parents' farm over the ridge on Beauty Hill Road, will be available for Thansgiving.  We raise a limited number of turkeys.  They are reserved with a $15.00 deposit on a first come first served basis.

Pilgrim geese are available for a traditional Christmas feast.  Remember--turkey is for Thanksgiving!  Real Christmas is about goose.  Like the turkeys, though, they are raised in limited number and can be reserved with a $10.00 deposit. 

In 2011 our meat will be available at the Seacoast Eat Local Winter markets and through direct sale at the farm.   To purchase directly, phone or email so we can arrange a time to meet.

              Yellow House Farm poultry is sold whole and frozen, which gives our customers the benefit of using the entire bird.  Commonly, one bird can provide two, or even three, meals.  Every bird’s final destination is the stockpot for the creation of delicious homemade broth.  You might find that this traditional use of poultry leads to the adventurous diversification of your cookery.  Discover anew the flavors of the past.

To purchase meat from YHF you can check our calendar for scheduled farmer's markets.  During the winter we attend the Seacoast Eat Local Winter Farmer's markets in Rollinsford and Exeter. 

Visit: Seacoasteatlocal.org to learn more about these exciting markets and others being offered all winter long.

If you would like to schedule a pick-up at the farm please call ahead to make an appointment (603) 335-6131


Thank you again for your interest in Yellow House Farm and our rare breeds of heritage poultry.  Click here for "Commonly Asked Questions About Yellow House Farm Meat".  Please feel free to contact us with any other questions.



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