February 2012 Mix of Dorking and Ancona Day Old Chicks Pictured Above


We shall not be selling White Dorking chicks in 2016.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


We have a new email: 






Welcome to Yellow House Farm

Bringing heirloom breeds of heritage

poultry to your table and homestead


Preserving Our Agricultural Heritage    

    Situated in Barrington, NH, Yellow House Farm celebrates the rich cultural heritage of farming in New England.



    We are proud to unite with other New Hampshire farmers to provide our local community with the benefits of locally grown, healthy food.







    We specialize in the preservation and promotion of the endangered heirloom breeds of poultry that have sustained us for countless generations.  These heritage breeds have retained the vigor and flavor that have been unfortunately sacrificed with the advent of modern factory production.  





    In addition to our heritage poultry products, we use sustainable practices to cultivate our fruit, vegetables, and herbs.


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